「HELLO ふらプリ」 Prince Grand Resort Furano

記事~ HELLO ふらプリ 「#今、私たちができること」 ~ ~ HELLO FURAPURI  ~“#what we can do now.”



 Hello everyone!

“Hello Fura Puri” would like to present to you this time, “#what we can do now.”




Prince Grand Resort Furano reopened on July 1 (some facilities are still closed). 

This summer, we are looking forward to bring smiles to everyone’s faces, 


今回皆さまをお迎えするにあたり、スタッフ一人ひとりが ”今、私たちができることはなにか” を考えました。


Upon welcoming our guests, each and everyone thought of ideas from the focus, “what we can do now.”

フロント:竹中美希 「安全・安心」・・・お客さまの安全・安心を第一に、心を込めてお迎えいたします!

Front desk, Miki Takenaka“Safe and secure” 

I would like to whole-heartedly welcome our guest putting prime importance to safety and security. 

サービス:大西梨央 「元気」・・・安心してお食事していただけるように笑顔でサービスさせていただきます!

Server, Rio Onishi: “Cheerfulness”

For our guests to have meals at ease, I would like to serve everyone with a smile. 

ベルボーイ:中井治人 「感謝の気持ち」・・・お客さまお一人おひとりに感謝の気持ちを持ち、笑顔でお見送りいたします!

Bellhop, Haruto Nakai: “Gratitude” 

I would like to smilingly send off our guests having gratitude for all of them. 

調理:佐藤真衣 「地域と共に」・・・地域の食材を使った美味しいお食事をお届けいたします!

Cook, Mai Sato: “Together with the world” 

I would like to deliver delicious meals using ingredients in the world. 

ガーデナー:六条幸乃 「笑顔」・・・綺麗な空気とたくさんの花の中で、気持ちの良いひとときを過ごしていただきたいです!

Gardener, Yukino Rokujo: “Smiles” 

I would like guests to have a pleasant time in the fresh air and many flowers. 

営業:東海林和裕 「未来」・・・今こそみんなが心をひとつに!

Sales representative, Kazuhiro Shoji “Future” 

Especially at this time, bring everyone’s hearts together!



Our staff is holding on to individual thoughtful feelings.



Especially now, and but of course, we had these thoughts from before and will continue to keep them to hearts as we welcome our guests. 




Any trip is unique, only one in the world.


And for this reason, we would like to cherish every moment and welcome everyone from the bottom of our hearts.


For all the one and only trips in the world to be full of smiles. 


プリンスグランドリゾート富良野では、新たな衛生・消毒基準「Prince Safety Commitment(プリンス セーフティー コミットメント)」を策定、感染拡大防止の対策を徹底して参ります。


For everyone to utilize the facilities with ease, we will be implementing a new hygiene and disinfection standard called the “Prince Safety Commitment” and thoroughly

engage in the prevention of spreading the coronavirus. 

We believe there will be many instances where we ask for everyone’s cooperation, we humbly ask for your support.




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「HELLO ふらプリ」Prince Grand Resort Furano